Exclusive International Sales Portal for LiveRoof® brand Hybrid Green Roofs
 LiveRoof®, Hoppit®, Moisture Portals®, Soil Elevators®, Roll-a-Roof®, Roof Stone®, and RoofEdge® are trademarks of LiveRoof, LLC, a subsidiary of Hortech, Inc. The LiveRoof® System, including its soil elevation and moisture sharing technologies, is a proprietary system with patents pending. LiveRoof, LLC and its Grower Distributors are the exclusive licensees of the LiveRoof® System in the United Statesand Canadaand all LiveRoof projects in the United Stateshave been performed by LiveRoof, LLC or its designees pursuant to such license.

What is LiveRoof®?
The World's First Fully Grown 
Hybrid  Green Roof System !

Insulates and Saves Energy  

Reduces a Building's Carbon Footprint 

A Proven Way to Go Green

Reduces Noise 

Prevents Storm Water Runoff

Doubles or Triples the life of your roof 




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