Exclusive International Sales Portal for LiveRoof® brand Hybrid Green Roofs
Distributors Wanted for New International Markets

  Liveroof, LLC is seeking strategic partners in all major markets as worldwide demand  for LiveRoof® and its share of the International green roof markets continues to expand.

 If you are an established horticultural supply company or grower that services other nurseries or growers outside of the United States and Canada, we want to talk with you.

Please contact Dana McIntyre directly
, dana@plantedroof.com
to review the criteria to become a LiveRoof® International Distributor.
 LiveRoof®, Hoppit®, Moisture Portals®, Soil Elevators®, Roll-a-Roof®, Roof Stone®, and RoofEdge® are trademarks of LiveRoof, LLC, a subsidiary of Hortech, Inc. The LiveRoof® System, including its soil elevation and moisture sharing technologies, is a proprietary system with patents pending. LiveRoof, LLC and its Grower Distributors are the exclusive licensees of the LiveRoof® System in the United Statesand Canadaand all LiveRoof projects in the United Stateshave been performed by LiveRoof, LLC or its designees pursuant to such license.

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